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SL618 is one of famous Online Sabong in Philippines which now already have thousands of members participant. SL618 Live providing a very good platform for Online Sabong (cockfighting) which is popular sport all the time in the Philippines.


SL618 Live Online Sabong

For SL618 Live register, you can search in google with keyword SL618, SL618 Live or SL618 Net to get the SL618 Official link. After registration member of SL618, you need to contact the customer service for verify account as below :

VIBER : 09638900729
 WHATSAPP : 09451491761
CSR #01

GLOBE: 09267339425

SMART: 09632797978

Official site :

Legal Sabong Betting In Philippines

Sabong called locally and also known as cockfighting, is a popular form of recreational activity in the Philippines, where both illegal and legal covers are occurring. Legal cockfights are held in cockpits clocks every week, while illegal cockpits, called Tupada or Tigbakay, are held in secluded cockpits where the authorities can not raise them.

Sabong is essentially putting two cocks on a pin and betting on what cock will come out of victorious fight. While there is no real skill in the Sabong bets, there are rewards for placing a winning bet.

Sabong is illegal in many parts of the world, but as it is considered tradition, it is allowed in the Philippines to this day. Although the government has regulated the industry and optimized how the money of traditions earn, the illegal sabong is still rampant through the islands. Illegal sabong take place through the islands and especially in rural places.

Is Sabong betting legal in the Philippines?

Yes, Sabong’s betting are legal and generalized through the Philippines. There are betting terminals and legal bookies at the cockpits that players can place their bets. The Philippine sabong industry is believed to be worth just over US$1 billion per year, according to the country‚Äôs Games and Amusement Board. It is so popular, there are several ways for a bettor to bet on the rooster fight while in the Philippines. The most popular way to get a legal bet is to go to a cabin and place a bet with a licensed bookie.

Is Online Sabong Legal in Philippines?

No, although Sabong remains popular and organized in various parts of the country, this does not allow you to participate in Sabong’s online bets. Casinos and online sports licensed on the coast that we listed on this site do not allow bets on Sabong Pinoy or other blood sport. There are other online websites that announce the Philippine roosters, but many of these platforms are not authorized or authorized to accept the bets of the Filipino players.
If you are looking to participate in sports betting, then we highly recommend other platforms instead of the usual Sabong bets. Apart from Sabong’s online bets, you can also participate in betting on basketball, football and boxing that are considered popular sports in the country.

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